Free Delivery over £100 | 10% of profits go to a charity supporting women and street children in India Free Delivery over £100 | 10% of profits go to a charity supporting women and street children in India


Supporting Myanmar

Supporting Myanmar

Until the end of May we are donating 20% of every sale to Better Burma, a charity supporting the people of Myanmar in their struggle for freedom and democracy.


Those of you who know me will know that Myanmar has a very special place in my heart. I took this photo 7 years ago on a visit to meditate and travel around this country I had heard so much about and I was blown away by it. The Burmese people are some of the gentlest and kindest I have ever come across and witnessing the extent to which they weave the Dhamma (the teachings of the Buddha) into their daily lives inspired me greatly.


The connection I felt towards this sacred land was profound and I always hoped to return to spend more time there and revisit the friends I made in Yangon. But sadly the country has been under siege by an unelected military dictatorship for over a year now and the people of this beautiful country are being oppressed and tortured. Since the coup began this terrorist organisation - who are claiming to be acting in service and protection of the citizens - have been killing, raping, arresting and punishing anyone opposing them (that is, most of the population). Most recently they have been burning entire villages to the ground leaving people homeless and terrified and soldiers have even been using local villagers as human shields to walk ahead of them in order to protect them from landmines they themselves laid and forgot to take note of.


This so-called ‘government’ are creating an unimaginable level of terror and fear in every corner of the country and sewing seeds of hatred for future generations.


Better Burma are raising funds to provide people - including monastics who rely solely upon the generosity of others - with the food, medicine and shelter they need at this desperate time. Any help you can offer will go a long way and give the people the strength and resources they need.


With World Meditation Day approaching on Saturday 21st May, it feels like a fitting time to honour this beautiful country who preserved the teachings of the Buddha for 2500 years, and thank them for preserving the Dhamma that we have access to today.


Please help us help them.


Claire x

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