A Slow Process

Slow and considered, our process is a celebration of handmade craft, traditional practices and nature. Sati means awareness in the ancient language of India and we have made every effort to cultivate this in our approach to the project and the evolution of our designs.

100% Natural

We only use botanical dyes & environmentally friendly processes to make our products

This organic approach to the process perfectly reflects the use for which our products are intended; making mindful connections with both ourselves and our surroundings. Harnessing nature through the use of plant dyes keeps our environmental impact low and small-batch production ensures that quality is maintained at every stage of the process.

Mindful in Every Way

Our products are all handmade using slow, ancient techniques

As well as personally contributing to the process (see below) we collaborate with local artisans in both Sanganer and Bagru, all of whom are experts in their field applying the skills and wisdom they have inherited from their ancestors in a modern context. We know each craftsman individually which gives the project a unique feeling of community and we are all learning from each other as we go.

Our Team

Claire Hand-draws the prints and designs the products

Karmveer — Hand-carves the wooden printing blocks from his workshop in Sanganer

Makbool & ZubedaTailor-make the inner cushions and fill them from their home in Jaipur

Avinash, Kriti and Shivraj JiResponsible for the preparation of our fabric and the dyeing and printing process in Bagru

VishnuSews our covers in his home-based studio in Bagru