Since its inception in 2015 sati has been a labour of love for me. Ironically the idea for it was born during one of my meditations and my intention is the same now as it was then; to create thoughtfully-designed, ethical meditation cushions to enhance your living space and inspire you to invest time in your well-being. Based between Cornwall and a small village on the outskirts of Jaipur, India, I have designed a range of bespoke meditation accessories using natural dyes and traditional block printing techniques, fusing my passions for hand-printed textiles and meditation. Meditation has been a significant and beneficial part of my life for almost a decade now and I wanted to find a way to use my skills to create sacred objects that would help you on your conscious journey too.

My training in printed textiles gave me the experience I needed to really dive into this project head first. Various trips to Jaipur, India (the traditional centre of block printing) over the past few years have allowed me to spend time with master carvers and printers, steadily acquiring the knowledge and skills I needed to begin my own experiments in these beautiful and ancient techniques.

My passion for ethical practice has informed this project every step of the way and I feel strongly that our products should have an actively positive impact on individuals, communities and the environment. Seeing the environmental devastation of chemical dyes leaching straight onto the streets from printing units in Jaipur consolidated my intention to use 100% plant-based colours and harness nature’s subtle and beautiful palette. With this ‘integrity over profit’ mindset, I have also taken the time to find highly skilled local craftspeople to work with, the meeting of whom has felt as organic as the process itself. By donating 10% of our profits to I-India, a charity supporting street children in Jaipur, I hope to broaden the positive impact of your purchase and keep the wheel of kindness turning.

Now it’s time to spread the benefits to you. I hope you find something in the collection that serves as inspiration towards a more peaceful way of life that benefits you and those around you. May your sati purchase become suffused with uplifting vibrations to help you on your journey!


Happy meditating!

Claire x