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Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Our living spaces are important and the energy that we create in them has a huge part to play in our sense of wellbeing. Have you ever noticed how a chaotic, messy space can leave you feeling unsettled, agitated or overwhelmed? And in the same way when you walk into a clean, clear space you feel instantly better and more clear-headed?

That is because the energy in spaces has a direct impact on our internal energy field and, whether we are conscious of it or not, is impacting the way we think and feel at every moment. Whilst it’s true that we can’t always have a spotless, minimal house (unless you have a cleaner, a lot of time or just a lot of discipline!) we can carve out a sacred space in our home for quiet reflection or meditation. Somewhere we can retreat to when we need to find more headspace and connect with ourselves.

It doesn’t matter where you live or how big or small your house is, you can create a sacred space anywhere. I have a meditation space set up in the corner of my tiny bedroom and it is perfect. Since I carved this special space out for my meditation practice a few years ago I have experienced so many benefits. Aside from the ease of having a calm and inviting set up ready to go for my morning and evening sits, the positive vibrations that have been created over time permeate the atmosphere there and make it easier for me to meditate. My beautiful cushions offer a constant invitation to come and take some time out from the busyness of life, if even for just 5 minutes during the day. They are a welcome reminder for me to keep taking care of my mind and heart.


Here are some steps to help you create a sacred space in your home:

  1. Choose a location Select a quiet and private location in your home where you can create your sacred space. It can be a corner of your room, a whole room (if you’re lucky) or any other place that feels right for you.
  2. Clear the space Before you start setting up your sacred space, clear the area of any clutter and negative energy. You can use sage, palo santo, or other cleansing tools to clear the space.
  3. Decorate the space Add elements to your sacred space that resonate with you and make you feel at home. This could include candles, crystals, incense, statues, flowers, or any other items that bring you comfort and inspiration.
  4. Set intentions Before you use your sacred space, take a few moments to set your intentions for your time there. This will focus your mind and amplify the positive vibrations.
  5. Use the space regularly Once you have created your sacred space, make it a regular part of your daily routine. Use it for meditation or other spiritual practices that bring you peace and connection.


Remember that your sacred space is personal to you so make it your own and allow it to be a place where you can feel centred, grounded, and connected to your higher self.


I hope you feel inspired to carve out a special space and that you keep finding ways to take care of your heart and mind 🤍

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